EASY Choc-Chip Nut-Butter Biscuits

In our bid to eat more whole foods I discovered this recipe from The Petite Kitchen for 'Four Ingredient Caramel Dark Chocolate Cookies'. Let me tell you, in the days after finding this recipe I have made these cookies more times than I can count. 



August 30, 2016

So today I was sitting at the dinner table, reveling in the chaos that was family dinner as a solo mum (not actually solo, hubby was just working late, it was just giving me a chance to marvel at those solo parents out there and recognise again what champs they are!!), and I thought 'HEY (this is how miss Rose starts all conversations at the moment... it's catching on!) I wonder



August 22, 2016

I mentioned in my last post how being a Mum has given me a new appreciation of my own mum. I don't think I didn't appreciate her before; I was the oldest and as such had seen my mum through significant sickness, but also raising my two younger siblings and in both instances I saw a courageous, emotional, sacrificial, loving, weak, strong, uncertain, and wise woman who I was privileged to call mum. I am now more aware of what it took to do what she has done and my appreciation of her has grown. Anyway, my amazing mum will often (when she can) come over and give me a hand with my house... tidying, folding washing, doing dishes, you know all that fun stuff. It is SUPER helpful (read: life/sanity saving) but it is also an awesome chance to hang out, catch up, and learn from my mum. In my conversations with Mum, as we talk about how to maintain a tidy house (and much, much more), she has given me two pieces of advice that will stick with me forever.