So today I was sitting at the dinner table, reveling in the chaos that was family dinner as a solo mum (not actually solo, hubby was just working late, it was just giving me a chance to marvel at those solo parents out there and recognise again what champs they are!!), and I thought 'HEY (this is how miss Rose starts all conversations at the moment... it's catching on!) I wonder if anyone still reads my blog'... so I logged on to my 'squarespace analytics' app and what do ya know!!! There are 35 of you! Flippin heck mate.. I know it's not a lot in the world of big time paid bloggers but man... for me that's a bloody record!! So thanks my friends!! (and if it's just my mum and my aunty and all of their friends so that I feel better about myself, well, thanks anyway!!) I started this blog not wanting to promote it or write to be read or intentionally become 'popular', but it means a lot to me that 35 of you have read my ramblings and have thought.. 'hey (there it is again!), this is pretty rad... I want to read more!' so THANKS!! 

love Jess xx