It's a....


(Kind of me not to keep you in suspense huh!!)  


So the story goes like this. Hubby DESPERATELY wanted a boy so we decided to find out what we were having. I secretly wanted a girl, I know what to do with a girl, I have all the clothes for a girl and... I say again... I know what to do with a girl ;) 

Anyway, arrived at the radiology clinic with hubby and Miss 2 (after a not-so-minor mishap of hubby throwing away my referral form!!! Oops) and head on in. You know the drill: top up, COLD gel and WOW! We knew what we were having! There was no missing that!! Immediately denial set in... "No, no, no, it's just HER finger or something..." You can tell I was really grasping at straws!! At this point I thought I should check in with the hubby and... Well I take it all back. Tears were streaming down his face at the knowledge he would have a son. (Tears, not surprising for my man, but the joy on his face!!! How could I deny that?)  


SO, long story short, we are having a boy. Hubby is beyond proud! Miss 2 definitely didn't get it as minutes later she wandered over, top up, tummy all ready, "My turn Mama".  


So despite the fact that I have NO idea what to do with a boy.... Well... 'She'll be right.'  :)   It just gives me an excuse to explore Pinterest for some decorating and colour scheme ideas... What a shame!!! ;) 

Here is the blanket that is at the top of my list:  

Taken from Ravelry via Pinterest

Taken from Ravelry via Pinterest




Seems to me that having a boy won't be ALL bad!!!   ;) 

If you have any handy hints PLEASE flick them my way via my 'contact me' page!  

Hope you're having a great week!  

Love, Jess xx


P.S. Did anyone notice two posts in one week!!! Go me!! :)