As I am coming to the end of a rather sick pregnancy, for the most part I can look back and think I have had a pretty good attitude... all things considered. These last few weeks though I have managed to lose a lot of that and forget the importance of what I am doing. 


I am a vessel for the creation of a person, a means for Gods handiwork and power to be displayed. And even taking away the theological ... at the end of this all I will get to say I have had two beautiful babies, conceived in love and welcomed with joy and thankfulness. 


I feel like every time I return to this platform I return to this idea of joy. Why does it seem to so easily go missing in our lives? Or mine at least. These past few weeks I have struggled to be joyful. And if I'm honest I can't see that changing soon. BUT I have a prize, if I can just keep my eyes on the prize, and wow, what a prize!! A precious child to delight in (and yes, a child to keep me up all night, stink out the house and feed constantly - no, I haven't forgotten!). 


So, one and a half week... yes, to enjoy sleep, but also to revel in the creative, miraculous, life changing process that I am part of. When I think about it like that I get so excited to meet my little man that it's not just pain that keeps me awake at night!!! :) 


I have little doubt that when I wake up tomorrow my attitude will need another refresh, but hey, I'm only human!! 

Anyway, just a little snippet of my musings as I lie awake at night. maybe the last for a little while!? Can't wait to introduce my little man on here though! Wahoo!!! 


Love, Jess xx