Meditation.... What kind of images does that conjure up in your head? I think of that scene in Eat, Pray, Love, the movie (oh man, so good, so so good! Watch it by yourself with a glass of wine and enjoy if you haven't already!)...but anyway, the scene in Eat, Pray, Love where she is in India (link to it here) and trying to meditate and her mind keeps wandering, and theres a fly, and she has an itch, and she could redecorate, or move, or..... meditate.... 

Yea, so that is what I think when I think about meditation. You? I decided to bite the bullet and give it a go. Guided meditation  because, well, otherwise I'd be asleep I think. Lying down on the floor, eyes closed is just too tempting otherwise!! So when my daughter went down for her morning sleep I sat on the floor, crossed my legs, downloaded an app, found some more apps, got distracted by the app store and the vast possibilities it holds.... and then my daughter woke up... so rinse and repeat! The next day I chose my app, sat on the floor, crossed my legs as the man on the app said, and closed my eyes, then I moved to a chair because man how do you sit with a straight back for so long on the floor! So anyway, I was sitting on a chair, the man on the app talked me through some breathing and reflection exercises and then told me that a chime would end the meditation.... well I'll tell you! There is no way I wanted that chime to ring!! In a world that gets so busy I was in pure bliss, aware of only my quiet breath and the stillness that had overcome me. Nevertheless the chime did ring... sadly! 

It is now a goal of mine (I'm totally a goals person! Another post coming soon about goals and how to stick to them!!) to stick to meditating daily. It only takes 10 minutes out of my day but it is so worthwhile. 




What do you do to find calm in such a crazy hectic world? 


love, Jess xx