So much..too much?? Too fast!!

Wow! What a week! You know those weeks where so much happens and you're not quite sure how it all fit in? The past week was one of those for our family!! It was Easter weekend, which was packed of everything imaginable, boat trips, winery stops, birthdays, storms, walks along the beach, movies... you name it we did it!

Rose also took her first few steps.. a very exciting moment for me and I still can't quite believe it! Every time I see her standing or walking I get excited all over again, pride fills me and my heart overflows with love for my little girl who is growing up FAR too fast! Alongside this milestone in her life, I turned 25 (halfway to 50 as my younger sisters love to tell me!). I can't quite believe it and fear and excitement pour on in - or is it out?? - of me.