So... 2014

A New Year means so many things for so many people. It can be a whole new beginning, it can mean another chance...

New Years Eve itself can hold so many different traditions! In Holland (where my dads family is from), it is traditional to make and eat olliebolle on New Years, some people drink to forget, or drink to make it a night to remember. For many years when I was younger, a friend and I would lie on the grass, look at the stars and make resolutions. Needless to say they would last a day, maybe two, or if I was really committed, they might last a week. The thing that I realised is that to make a resolution for the 'New Year', it needs to be something you can commit to resolving to do-or not do-daily.

One days choice does not equal a life change.

With all this in mind, my 'New Years Resolution' for 2014 is to have a good year, to be happy, to love lots, laugh, do things that make me feel good, and get to know others more. I want to enjoy the people in my life, I want to help others enjoy their lives.

My hope is that I look back on 2014 and smile. I won't make goals that I can measure, or pass or fail. I just want to live... Sounds simple huh! I'm not so sure...

What is your plan for 2014? Hopes? Dreams? Goals?

Love, Jess xx