Recently in the life of Jess...

So I haven't updated on here in SOOOO long! Sorry about that! Life gets busy and I'm not good at consistency at the best of times... BUT I have been planning and creating lots of posts and picture opportunities so there is more to come from me! I'm not giving up yet! 


Summer is coming for us in New Zealand, you can feel it! We recently had fathers day and I went with the Fathers in my life to our local beach. I am a very lucky lady to call this place home!!  


We have been keeping busy making bread in the crock pot - yes, really, a crock pot!!!; I have started a garden - and when I say garden I mean two pot plants :) haha - and started a regular Japanese night at home - you can't go wrong with Japanese!!  So pictures and stories to come of the adventures in the life of Jess! 

Hope life is treating you well! 


love Jess xx




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