The Vege Garden

Hi All, 


So my Vege Garden (Fruit and Veges and Herbs, Oh My! ) Is all done, well planted at least :) It looks beautiful! In 10-12 weeks, according to the packets, I can be expecting tomatoes, cucumbers, carrots, lettuce, strawberries and basil! Wow, I adore summer! Last night Rose had dinner outside, and today Rose and her cousins all had a picnic lunch on the grass. There is something about the knowledge that summer really is on its way that makes you feel so so good! I even felt good while I was working in the garden! Cider in one hand, spade in the other... basil in the... other?? 

Long evenings that are so nice and warm (nearly there!), shorts and t-shirts, ahhh, it all gets me so excited!!  

Speaking of shorts, exercise! I need to get on to it! Yesterday I went for a 'walk', which was more like a stroll, which was interrupted by stopping to get ice cream... I just couldn't resist!! Home made waffle cones, I mean you wouldn't be human if you didn't give in to temptation with that! SO, long story short.... this girl must start exercising! 

I figure if I write it up on here then at least I am slightly accountable. I am determined to walk at least 5 times a week and do some kind of aerobic exercise 4 times a week. Keep me to it! I have a feeling it may be a bit ambitious but hey, a girl can try!  

Anyway, what has you amped for summer?  

Jess xx