The Food Show Experience


One of my buys was a yoghurt maker. When I was younger I absolutely loved homemade yoghurt, so when I saw them at the food show I had to get one! It's also a lot cheaper and healthier way of making/having yoghurt. 


All you do to make the yoghurt is put the sachet that they give you with a litre of water, shake it up, and put it in a casing of boiling water. It takes 8-12 hours to do depending on how sweet you want it. I probably left it too long for my husbands liking. At the food show I also got given some fruit pouches with fruit puree basically. There are no preservatives in them it is just pure fruit, so that supports my goal at the moment of eating preservative free foods! In summer hopefully I will be growing lots of fruit that I can put into my yoghurt too, but for now I put the fruit puree in with my yoghurt and it was a delicious, healthy, fresh breakfast. I'm in love! It's exactly how I remember it being when I was younger!  


Hey everyone! How are you all? Rose decided to share on her sickness with me so now my bed is my home and I can update here! Over the weekend I went to the Auckland Food Show. This is the second year I have gone and I love it! Delicious food, beautiful wine and really great cooking demonstrations. The atmosphere is really awesome! A stadium of foodies with all the food they could want! Bliss...



I love finding these things that I had as a child! Food for me is more than just a fuel. I put lots of thought into our dinners, different flavours and ingredients. I would love to be able to buy really high quality great ingredients if they weren't so expensive! But this yoghurt maker is a perfect way of eating healthy, eating cheaply, and one day, hopefully, it will be a good memory for Rose to have as a delicious food of her childhood! 


More pics of my finds from the food show coming soon! Have a beautiful day!  

love Jess