Day 2...

Today is day 2 of my attempt at getting fit! I have exercised two days in a row now, while my daughter looked on very confused as she tried to figure out what her mum was doing! I've also been trying to eat healthy, though of course I am trying to do this with home made chocolate cake on the bench! I'm feeling good at the moment! I have been doing lots of baking too! Though with plenty of fails mixed in there! The latest being that I tried to make melting moments, they have now been renamed biscuits with icing. Everything was going well until they went in the oven, then they turned into very flat melting moments, but that's okay, as my dad says, they still taste delicious and they all come out the same way... thanks dad for your words of wisdom! 


I suppose it relates (very loosely) to my recent post about the journey or the goal. I failed in my goal of having melting moments in my baking container, but I experimented on the way, got creative, and made something good anyway... Embrace the journey! 


love Jess xx