So much has been happening in our house lately! Sickness, birthdays, nights away (thanks to my darling husband!! post coming soon), farewelling family, welcoming family home, new beginnings, new ideas. It has been an exciting, and slightly tiring time, but I love it! I have decided through this time, and with some inspiration from a new love (Early Mama), to start a series. A series about learning. I was talking with someone recently who was saying that to them, the sign of a 'healthy' life, is if someone is learning, growing. 


I will never forget an analogy I once heard about a bucket, and how an old wooden bucket is only as effective as it's shortest side. It will only ever carry as much water as that shortest side will allow.


Now I have to tell you, I'm not great at team sports, I love them, but I am too competitive. I get so frustrated at people who aren't as good as the rest of the team. The reason why I get frustrated with the people who aren't as good as the rest of the team is because to me it seems they are letting the team down, they are that short plank. Now I know that sounds incredibly harsh, but it's just how I think.

bucket 2.jpg

On the flip side of that harsh opinion, I put myself under that same kind of pressure. If I am not as good as everyone else, I am the short plank, I am the one letting the team down. In this same way, in being a wife, if I am not the best wife, I am letting my husband down. If I am not the best mum, I am letting my daughter down. If I am not the best sister, I am letting my sisters down, and on it goes. The challenge for me in life right now is to change that way of thinking. To realise and accept who I am. To strive to be not 'the best mum', but 'the best mum I CAN BE' and not the best wife, but the best wife I CAN BE... I am the one my husband chose to marry, I am the one who God chose to be my daughters mum, and so I am the one who is good enough to do and be that. 


With this in mind, I have decided that the bucket analogy is wrong, no surprises here, but Paul was right. In the Bible, Paul writes an analogy of the way that the church is like a body, a literal body with many different parts (1 Corinthians). In the way that an eye will never be able to walk, or a foot never be able to talk, I will never be able to be exactly like someone else, because I don't need to be someone else. The world (or my world) will miss out on knowing me if I try and be someone else. 


I love that idea. It gives me real freedom to know that. Living it out takes effort and constant reminding but as I've said before, it's about the journey. 

love, Jess xx


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