Having a daughter has taught me so much. So much about myself, so much about the world, and compassion. . . and love.  


Rose, my daughter, has been sick for a while now, nothing major, just the typical winter cold and flu. Each night for the past few weeks we have been getting up every hour or so to her. It is heart breaking to see her sad and uncomfortable. It is not only heart breaking though, it is tiring, and frustrating. There are nights where you don't want to know how many times you have gotten up, there are nights when you don't want to look at the time, you just don't want to know. It can be exhausting!  


Often in the mornings Rose and I will sit up in bed together and she will play with some of her toys while I have my breakfast. It is such a beautiful time to have together. I so quickly forget about the nights broken sleep and the tiredness. The saying "my heart overflows" comes to mind. Those are times when my heart really overflows with love. Rose has taught me a whole new meaning to the word love. Love makes you forget the hard stuff, the frustrations, the tiredness. Love helps you remember the good, the joy, the beauty, the completeness.  


I heard someone say a while ago "You make my world beautiful". I think that is the most heart warming thing you can say to a person. To say that they make your world not only better, but beautiful. Rose makes my world beautiful. Love makes my world beautiful. I am challenged to LOOK for things that make my world beautiful, to not only look for them, but acknowledge them. I think that in every life there is something to make it beautiful. I am not only challenged to think about my beautiful life, but also others. Whose world do I make beautiful (or try to make beautiful)? 

What makes your world beautiful? Whose world do you add beauty to?


love Jess xx