Fruit and Veges and Herbs, OH MY!

I want to have a vege garden.  

It's true, I love the idea of going outside with my daughter in the summer and picking fresh veges to make a salad with, or on the way to hang out the washing, picking a strawberry for the trip. I used to love going out to hang out the washing with mum and picking some cherry tomatoes to munch on while I did it. I love it when we go to mums place and sit down to dinner, and she can say that the veges on the table are from her garden. I imagine that would be a so SATISFYING! So I want to have a vege garden.


The problem with this is that we don't actually have a garden, if I wanted a vege garden it may have to be a hanging garden. Or maybe I could do it in pots? I've been researching different ideas or solutions for vege gardens without having actual gardens.  These are a few of my faves. 


vine garden.jpg
gutter garden.jpg
herb jars.jpg

Even though this may be a while coming, I have started! I have talked to my landlords (who are also my parents... BONUS!) and have talked a few ideas through with them. Now I just have to get hubby on board to help me build a few of the planters and things. I'm a big believer in women being able to do everything that men can do, but if I don't have to, I'm quite happy to hand it off to my husband... if I'm honest, he'll probably do a better job of it than me anyway! 


I'm going to post photographic evidence of my developing vege garden as I go so get excited! I'm trying to think of the things I really want as space is limited! What would you plant or what have you planted in your vege garden?  


As a side note, I have to say, I am loving this process of dreaming 'out loud'. Thanks to anyone who has or will one day read this! Here's hoping it'll happen! :)  

love Jess xx