The balancing act...

My sister and I have a cleaning job that we do together. As we do it we listen to podcasts. My podcast of choice is  Hamish and Andy  while my sisters podcast of choice is Fletch and Vaughan. It is a constant discussion between us which is the best duo. I recently listened to a podcast from Jillian Michaels for a change. She was talking about an interview with a prospective contestant on her show "The Biggest Loser". In every answer the contestant gave he talked about the necessity of winning the show so that he could complete other goals he had in his life. She challenged him with the idea that he may not win the show. She did this to make the point that even though that was a goal of his, was it not so much more beneficial to look at the things he would learn through the experience and the journey. I wonder if he didn't win, would he still go on to achieve other goals he had in his life? Would he learn from the experience?   


I hope that in my life all the things I want to eventually achieve don't spoil my enjoyment of now. I believe life is all about balance. It's a balance between doing the 'right' thing and doing the things you want to do, it's a balance between doing things to benefit you now, and doing things to benefit your future. It's a balance between looking after yourself and looking after others.  


I constantly endeavour to have a life of balance, it isn't always easy, but all you can do is try right!? 


Good luck in your life of balance

love Jess xx