Something to say Sorry...

So I know, I haven't gotten better at blogging regularly. I have in fact, gotten worse. I decided though, to do something to make up for it! This is a little tidbit of information that I am going to give you will truly make your day. This is the BEST recipe ) for teriyaki chicken!! (Yes capitals are VERY necessary!!) I wrote in my last post about how I have been having Japanese night regularly. Well, I can honestly say that after lots of tastings, this is the best, easiest and cheapest recipe for teriyaki chicken you will have ever tried! My mouth waters just thinking about it!  


All it is is 4 tbsp soy sauce, 4 tbsp mirin, and 2 tbsp brown sugar. As you can probably tell from the quantities I like a saucy meal! ;)  


So there you go, give it a go and tell me what you think!  


Hope you are well, 

Jess xx