Who am I?


In New Zealand, traditionally when you meet someone you tell them about where you come from, the significant things about that place, who your ancestors are/were, and finally, who you are. This is called a mihimihi. This is my mihimihi. 


I come from New Zealand, Aotearoa, specifically Auckland, and more specifically the west coast. My home is on the rugged black sand beaches, in the bush that is so unique. My family originate from Europe, Holland and Ireland to be precise. My grandparents all took part in WW2, some in Holland and some in New Zealand. I am fiercely proud of my heritage but so glad to have grown up in New Zealand. My parents bought me up in a Christian church and I have followed in their footsteps. I met my husband when I was five at school, 'fell in love' and never looked back. We now have a daughter who we absolutely adore. Life is good. Sometimes it is hard, sometimes it is not what we would choose, but it is good. When you know what love is, when you know you have a purpose, when you know you have people who need you, who love you, and who you need and love, life is good. 




I want this blog to be an inspiration, to you, to me, to whoever needs it. Since having my daughter I have struggled with knowing who I am, not just being Mum to her, but Wife to my Husband and Jess, just Jess. So this is for all of us who need to be reminded that us, just us, is important. 


I don't claim to write well, or be able to tell you things you wont already know. I won't promise to always interest you or write about everything you want. I will, however, do my best to be honest about my journey of discovering and defining and developing who I am. 

I hope you enjoy and are encouraged by these words, pictures, stories and often ramblings from me. 



love jess xx