Who am I?



I'm Jess. Welcome to my page, thanks for having a look! I hope you feel inspired and encouraged. I'm planning to share with you some delicious recipes that are family favourites in our house. I'm hoping to share with you some of my thoughts on parenting, food, life, faith, and more yet-to-be-decided topics that will hopefully encourage and challenge you and I hope that as I share, that you will share with me.

My home is in Auckland, New Zealand. I am fiercely proud to have a Dutch heritage but am so glad to have grown up in New Zealand. I met my husband when I was five at school, 'fell in love' and never looked back. We now have a son and a daughter who we absolutely adore (most of the time).

Life is good. Sometimes it is hard, sometimes it is not what we would choose, but it is good. When you know what love is, when you know you have a purpose, when you know grace when you know you have people who need you, who love you, and who you need and love, life is good. 

I don't claim to write well, or be able to tell you things you wont already know. I won't promise to always interest you or write about everything you want. I will, however, do my best to be honest about my journey of discovering and defining and developing who I am. 

I hope you enjoy and are encouraged by these words, pictures, stories and general ramblings from me. 



love jess xx