Money is such an awkward topic for some. I don't find it so, in fact it gets me quite interested.. not that I feel a calling to accounting or anything like that, quite the opposite... What gets me interested is talking with people about how to use it well. How to

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Life in the 'not just mum' house

How quickly you forget what life is like with a newborn huh! Praise the Lord, if we didn't I don't know if any of us would have another!! Long nights, long days; for me juggling two children now... two seatbelts to do up, two mouths to feed, two bodies to dress, two schedules to consider. I don't know if you have seen this YouTube clip about the 'job' of mum, but it is GREAT!!! and i have so much more respect, love, and admiration for my own mum now that I am in this position. 

Lately I have been trying to streamline the task of organising our home. If you know me you know I don't enjoy organising, as in the physical act of it... it is boring and frustrating and confusing and time consuming and did I mention boring?? My mum, however, is the ultimate organiser... her house is always immaculate and she can (almost) always find what she needs in the FIRST place she looks. Part of this is because she has adult children who, for the most part, don't go through her things and throw them in the toilet, eat them, or stash them under beds, blankets, and anything else that they can move. 

I used to try and tell people that I didn't care if my room/house was messy.... well, I can now be honest and say I HATE IT!! I hate mess (I say as I sit here with toys littering the lounge, all the beds unmade and the washing unfolded piled in the lounge). It clutters my head, gives the kids more to create chaos out of, and makes me uncomfortable when people come over. Now maybe this is obvious, maybe it's just me, but I think, no matter who you are, we all need a bit of a rev up, a bit of a refresher, and, for me, a bit of a reminder to keep it simple... so over the weekend the hubby and I spent a bit of time listing on trade me a whole lot of stuff that we had big plans for (up-cycling, re-newing, and just general cool stuff) and I can say it felt flippin good! What is going to feel better is getting money back for those things (and what will feel even better is spending that money!!! :)). I have also been attempting to simplify the inside of our house... this means less clothes (because who really needs 30 t-shirts), less toys (because man, some toys are just plastic pieces of crap... am i right!!!???), less linen (this is a tough one for me.... i can always do with more linen!)... just less, in general. We acquire 'stuff' to fill the space we have, and I think if we didn't have the space, we wouldn't and our lives would go on and we would still be happy, I have no doubt. I know I'm a little behind the times what with the big 'the life-changing magic of tidying up' doing the rounds recently... but hey, slow and steady wins the race right!! 

Man... round and round the garden aye! That was a mighty long way of saying, I'm into this simple living, I'm into this living with less, because I believe that it's not the stuff we have that makes us happy as much as the people we do the things we do with, because people are rad and experiences are fun and who could want for more if that is the case?? 

love, Jess xx