Money is such an awkward topic for some. I don't find it so, in fact it gets me quite interested.. not that I feel a calling to accounting or anything like that, quite the opposite... What gets me interested is talking with people about how to use it well. How to

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So today I was sitting at the dinner table, reveling in the chaos that was family dinner as a solo mum (not actually solo, hubby was just working late, it was just giving me a chance to marvel at those solo parents out there and recognise again what champs they are!!), and I thought 'HEY (this is how miss Rose starts all conversations at the moment... it's catching on!) I wonder if anyone still reads my blog'... so I logged on to my 'squarespace analytics' app and what do ya know!!! There are 35 of you! Flippin heck mate.. I know it's not a lot in the world of big time paid bloggers but man... for me that's a bloody record!! So thanks my friends!! (and if it's just my mum and my aunty and all of their friends so that I feel better about myself, well, thanks anyway!!) I started this blog not wanting to promote it or write to be read or intentionally become 'popular', but it means a lot to me that 35 of you have read my ramblings and have thought.. 'hey (there it is again!), this is pretty rad... I want to read more!' so THANKS!! 

love Jess xx

A bit of 'Mum' wisdom

My Mama and Papa on one of the most special days of my life. Photo courtesy of  Kate Robinson  

My Mama and Papa on one of the most special days of my life. Photo courtesy of Kate Robinson 

I mentioned in my last post how being a Mum has given me a new appreciation of my own mum. I don't think I didn't appreciate her before; I was the oldest and as such had seen my mum through significant sickness, but also raising my two younger siblings and in both instances I saw a courageous, emotional, sacrificial, loving, weak, strong, uncertain, and wise woman who I was privileged to call mum. I am now more aware of what it took to do what she has done and my appreciation of her has grown. Anyway, my amazing mum will often (when she can) come over and give me a hand with my house... tidying, folding washing, doing dishes, you know all that fun stuff. It is SUPER helpful (read: life/sanity saving) but it is also an awesome chance to hang out, catch up, and learn from my mum. In my conversations with Mum, as we talk about how to maintain a tidy house (and much, much more), she has given me two pieces of advice that will stick with me forever.

1. Just Decide. Decide what you want to achieve each day. When Finn was young (and even now) my goals for each day are to do the dishes and make the beds... anything I do above and beyond that DEFINITELY deserves a treat! THIS has been a brilliant way of keeping on top of things, it also starts the day off right. Don't you find that if you have something to do in your day (errands, coffee dates, kindy drop offs) you achieve more than if you have a whole day free? I do, but if I have a home day and I start the day off with dishes (*YAWN*) or making beds (I would say yawn, but I do find it satisfying I am sad to say!) I find I will have a more productive day. I have also tried to have a cleaning day (coinciding with a kindy day)... that hasn't stuck just yet but I'm working on it! This obviously means that just deciding doesn't always translate into something working but there is always tomorrow!  

2. Make your home a place your husband WANTS to be. Mum told me that every day when we were young, at around 4pm, she would go around the house and tidy each room up (I swear if it were me, I'd have to start at 1pm at the latest to get it all tidy!!) and make sure dinner would be ready by the time Dad got home. She followed that story up with the recognition that it might be an old fashioned way of thinking and doing things but... who cares??? It may not be in keeping with the latest PC feminist ways of thinking, but hey, if we look at the marriage stats in this generation, I think I'll take my chances on a bit of 'old fashioned' living. The caveat for this is that no, I don't think a tidy house and dinner on the table equals a happy marriage or family BUT, if I want my husband to show me love by surprising me with flowers or showering me with compliments, then I think I can take a little time now and then to tidy away at least some of the stuff that lines every surface of our house. 

Inspired? I was... and every time I think of these two things I am inspired again. Learning from someone who has years of experience on us shows wisdom. Knowing that we don't have to reinvent the wheel, make the mistakes, and do it on our own is a RELIEF. But it is important to remember that 'mum-ing' (or 'dad-ing' or parenting) come with lots of good days, where this stuff is possible, but also PLENTY of not-as-good days, where success is no hospital trips and half the family with clean teeth, and dinner on the table is some good old weetbix... that's OK... heck, that's life.. well at least that's my life!! 

Hoping for another 'better-than-bad' day tomorrow! 

love Jess xx

Life in the 'not just mum' house

How quickly you forget what life is like with a newborn huh! Praise the Lord, if we didn't I don't know if any of us would have another!! Long nights, long days; for me juggling two children now... two seatbelts to do up, two mouths to feed, two bodies to dress, two schedules to consider. I don't know if you have seen this YouTube clip about the 'job' of mum, but it is GREAT!!! and i have so much more respect, love, and admiration for my own mum now that I am in this position. 

Lately I have been trying to streamline the task of organising our home. If you know me you know I don't enjoy organising, as in the physical act of it... it is boring and frustrating and confusing and time consuming and did I mention boring?? My mum, however, is the ultimate organiser... her house is always immaculate and she can (almost) always find what she needs in the FIRST place she looks. Part of this is because she has adult children who, for the most part, don't go through her things and throw them in the toilet, eat them, or stash them under beds, blankets, and anything else that they can move. 

I used to try and tell people that I didn't care if my room/house was messy.... well, I can now be honest and say I HATE IT!! I hate mess (I say as I sit here with toys littering the lounge, all the beds unmade and the washing unfolded piled in the lounge). It clutters my head, gives the kids more to create chaos out of, and makes me uncomfortable when people come over. Now maybe this is obvious, maybe it's just me, but I think, no matter who you are, we all need a bit of a rev up, a bit of a refresher, and, for me, a bit of a reminder to keep it simple... so over the weekend the hubby and I spent a bit of time listing on trade me a whole lot of stuff that we had big plans for (up-cycling, re-newing, and just general cool stuff) and I can say it felt flippin good! What is going to feel better is getting money back for those things (and what will feel even better is spending that money!!! :)). I have also been attempting to simplify the inside of our house... this means less clothes (because who really needs 30 t-shirts), less toys (because man, some toys are just plastic pieces of crap... am i right!!!???), less linen (this is a tough one for me.... i can always do with more linen!)... just less, in general. We acquire 'stuff' to fill the space we have, and I think if we didn't have the space, we wouldn't and our lives would go on and we would still be happy, I have no doubt. I know I'm a little behind the times what with the big 'the life-changing magic of tidying up' doing the rounds recently... but hey, slow and steady wins the race right!! 

Man... round and round the garden aye! That was a mighty long way of saying, I'm into this simple living, I'm into this living with less, because I believe that it's not the stuff we have that makes us happy as much as the people we do the things we do with, because people are rad and experiences are fun and who could want for more if that is the case?? 

love, Jess xx


He's here!!

Well our boy has arrived!!! (If you were thinking that I had an exceptionally long pregnancy, no, he just arrived two and a half months ago and I just haven't told you yet :)) how time flies with a newborn huh!! We have been beyond blessed to have a chilled out, handsome wee man who is adored by his sister... Whew! 

My son, the selfie pro!  

My son, the selfie pro!  

It feels so great to be able to say 'my son'. 

Hope this message finds you (whoever 'you' are) well!  

Love, Jess xx